Pool Hill & Beacon Hill

There were some weather aborted visits to the 4000 acres of Pool Hill and Beacon Hill Moor in Mid Wales north west of Knighton; on the filming day flying from the trig point on Beacon Hill the drone had a real struggle with strong gusting winds from the west and had to fly low.
30th September 2018

Voiceover by David Thomas
Drone Pilot: Theo Spearman
Creative Director: Jeremy Creighton Herbert

One thought on “Pool Hill & Beacon Hill

  1. Hi everyone, just to say fantastic work. The Lugg source and the upland moorland in that area is very special. It deserves the love attention you’re giving it. Well done. I would enjoy meeting you one day and hearing more about what you do. Learning would be an honor. All the best. Mark (Wye Explorer)

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