Engage with local communities


They are important ambassadors & we need to take them with us on this journey.

Hundreds of local school children have participated in the PMP so far, spending time with moorland keepers and graziers along with storytellers and historians to build up a picture of the importance of our moorland landscapes.

Bird recording, arts & music, well being workshops, citizen science, and traditional skills of the uplands are some of the activities that the project attracts to help people understand some of the challenges that our landscapes face.

As wonderful as they are, they are complex and poorly understood but desperately important if we want them to be more resilient to help mitigate some of the climate change challenges such as alleviating flooding, storing carbon in the peat soil and produce a flourishing ecosystem for our birds and wildlife.

They also play an important role in our physical and mental well being and we need to do more to celebrate them. Working with mental health charity MIND the project is taking groups out onto the various moorlands to help improve the well being of people who don’t normally get out into the wilderness.

The project is mindful of the five ways to Wellbeing which is the equivalent of ‘five fruit and vegetables a day’. These consists of investing time in making connections, getting outside and being active, taking notice of the world around us, trying out new activities, and giving your time maybe as a volunteer in a community project.

The Powys Moorland Partnership is an ambitious and exciting 3 year collaborative project to improve large areas of moorland by:

promoting moorland biodiversity

managing heather habitats

balancing moorland recreation with natural resources and wildlife

engaging with local communities

This project is funded from the Sustainable Management Scheme under the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities Rural Development Programme

Keep in touch, get involved.

We will be putting on various events over the next 12 months. If you would like to get involved, have some ideas please contact Catherine on urmyc.sdnalroomsywop@tcatnoc

Powys Moorland Partnership