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  • Huw Lavin

    Better connectivity needed to help Welsh Moorlands flourish

    by Catherine Hughes
    on 20th January 2020
    More joined up management of the Welsh moors creating a continuous landscape to restore habitats is the challenge of recovering bird species, says Huw Lavin, who started as an apprentice on the Powys Moorland Partnership project 3 years ago. […] Read more
  • Tweed Forum

    Powys Moorland Partnership visits the Tweed Forum

    by Catherine Hughes
    on 22nd October 2019
    Working collaboratively at a landscape scale is something that the Tweed Forum – based on the Scottish borders with 20% of the land being North Northumberland England – has been doing for over 25 years. […] Read more
  • bird

    October Bird News by Nick Myhill

    by Nick Myhill
    on 8th October 2019
    The bad news is that many species are in decline here in Radnorshire, just as they are throughout Britain, as indicated in the latest ‘State of Nature’ report. But let me try and draw a few positives from my data. […] Read more
  • sustainable farming

    Sustainable farming and land consultation with farmers

    by Catherine Hughes
    on 28th September 2019
    It is difficult to know how many more trees can be planted and how wildlife corridors can be improved in much of the Radnorshire uplands. […] Read more
  • Beacon Hill community

    The Beacon Hill community

    by Catherine Hughes
    on 17th September 2019
    It is a way of life where time has stood still. As I rode alongside Anne who has been riding these Radnorshire hills for over 60 years, she believes very little has changed. […] Read more
  • Bal Bach

    Annual gathering on Bal Bach & Bal Mawr

    by Catherine Hughes
    on 25th August 2019
    It’s one day in August every year that pulls a community together to picnic on Bal Bach Bal Mawr moor in the Llanthony valley, near Abergavenny. […] Read more
  • curlews protection

    Curlews protection on BBC4 Farming Today

    by Powys Moorland Partnership
    on 26th June 2019
    BBC4 Farming Today's show featured a whole section about Curlew conservation in Wales and an interview of our very own Nick Myhill, conservation expert. […] Read more
  • Clyro school children out on local Powys moorland hearing the tales of the Mabinogion

    by Powys Moorland Partnership
    on 14th May 2019
    Captivated by the tales of the Mabinogion - earliest prose stories of British literature - and re-enacting the tales while walking the stunning Powys landscape last week (Thursday, 3 May) made the day mystical and highly memorable. […] Read more
  • Restoring Moorlands

    Restoring Moorlands on BBC Wales

    by Powys Moorland Partnership
    on 5th March 2019
    The Powys Moorland Partnership was the subject of an episode of Country Focus with Rachel Garside on BBC Wales last Sunday morning. Country Focus is […] Read more
  • bird counts

    Big Farmland Bird Counts – creating year-round habitats

    by Powys Moorland Partnership
    on 13th February 2019
    PMP has carried out a number of counts on various farms joining the moorland this January/February where Hay and Clyro primary children helped gather the data. […] Read more

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