Powys Moorland Partnership

The Powys Moorland Partnership is an ambitious and exciting 3 year collaborative project to improve large areas of moorland by:

promoting moorland biodiversity

managing heather habitats

balancing moorland recreation with natural resources and wildlife

engaging with local communities

This project is funded from the Sustainable Management Scheme under the Welsh Government’s Rural Communities Rural Development Programme

 Latest News

  • bird survey

    Private: Bird Study – Final report

    7th August 2020
    Breeding bird surveys, all-year observations and conservation work have been undertaken since November 2017 in relation to bird populations on moorland commons in a mid-Wales study area spanning Radnorshire plus an adjacent small corner of north Breconshire. […] Read more
  • connections

    The Mabinogion – engaging/sparking the imagination by slipping into another world

    9th July 2020
    Making better connections, understanding ourselves and our relationship with nature through the power of storytelling is what Wayland Boulanger does. A great follower of the Mabinogion where its tales cleverly link with the complexities of our landscapes, fitting perfectly into the ethos of the Sustainable Management Scheme project in how we capture communities in our landscapes to try to see where we can come together, share values and find a new level of respect. […] Read more
  • pool hill

    Pool Hill & Beacon Hill

    17th April 2020
    There were some weather aborted visits to the 4000 acres of Pool Hill and Beacon Hill Moor in Mid Wales north west of Knighton; on the filming day flying from the trig point on Beacon Hill the drone had a real struggle with strong gusting winds from the west and had to fly low. […] Read more
  • Garn Wen

    Garn Wen & Bal Mawr

    17th April 2020
    This is a drone footage of the Moorlands near Llantony Abbey, known as Garn Wen, Bal-bach & Bal Mawr, in the Black Mountains. […] Read more
  • Skylarks

    The sound of Moorlands

    16th April 2020
    The skylarks songs are hard to miss on the Moorlands as they're everywhere but the birds themselves are much harder to spot in the landscape. […] Read more
  • Beaters day

    Beaters day

    6th April 2020
    “Being so accepted by a community made up of such a diverse group of people was really humbling,” says Sharon, who joined in on her first ever beating season last autumn on one of the moors involved in the Powys Moorland Partnership project which operate a shoot. She has also just done a season lambing too. […] Read more
“Of all the arguments considered in how to manage wildlife, perhaps the most important has to do with diversity - the variety of life about us. For full expression of its marvellous potentials, the human mind needs to grow in as varied an atmosphere as possible. Variety of all forms - not only biological, but cultural and social - is needed to stimulate our thinking and to sharpen our powers of imagination; it freshens our ability to find new solutions to old problems and leads to higher levels of creativity. Variety nurtures the mind and the spirit and is as vital to our well-being as the food we eat. In short it makes us more human.”
Gordon Haber
Biologist and conservationist

Keep in touch, get involved.

We will be putting on various events over the next 12 months. If you would like to get involved, have some ideas please contact Catherine on urmyc.sdnalroomsywop@tcatnoc

Powys Moorland Partnership